Star in the official video for “Last Chance To Dance”!!

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UPDATE! Deadline extended until 21st July! Get your clips in now!


Hey Guys!

I need YOU to take part in the making of the video for the first single “Last Chance To Dance” from the new album Monkey Suit! How you ask? Well it’s all very simple:

Step 1

Download the new single HERE


Step 2

Plan your own video shoot (Don’t worry, you don’t need any equipment!). Think about the setting, what you’ll be wearing, how you’re going to dance etc. What’s going to make your footage stand out from the rest? Will you be more colourful? More energetic? Weirder? More mental? Interesting camera angles? Choreographed dance moves? Matching outfits? Unusual location? At a festival? In the supermarket? Lip synching all the words? It’s totally up to you!

Step 3

Go shoot! Play the track over a portable stereo and film yourselves going mental! You can film on a phone or a camera, that’s totally fine! Try to make sure it’s HD video, and try to make sure the camera is not too shaky, we don’t want people throwing up when they watch it! Feel free to film shots for any part of the song, or all of it, but be sure to go completely bonkers in the choruses and instrumentals! And please do give me some footage of you all singing along to the chorus!

Step 4

Send me your footage using www.wetransfer.com and the email address info@billyrowan.co.uk. Don’t worry if files are quite big, HD video is like that.

Step 5

Me and my guys will edit all the footage together, along with our own footage, and make the most epic video ever known to mankind! Then we’ll get a million hits on youtube, you’ll all be famous, and you can tag yourselves and share like crazy! 😀

Does that sound like a plan or what? Deadline for submissions is 5th July, so start RIGHT NOW!

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