Album Update!

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Hey guys and girls!

Welcome to the summer! I’m really sorry about the lack of communication over the last couple of months… it’s all just been a bit overwhelming with a lot of things happening at once. But don’t worry, I haven’t taken all the pledge campaign money and run away to South America on a luxury yacht… the real reason you haven’t heard from me is that I’ve been working soooo hard trying to get this album recorded and get it just right! So here’s where we are now:

We’ve recorded, re-recorded, and in a few cases re-re-recorded everything to make sure it’s absolutely the best it can possibly be. We’ve been recording string sections, horn sections, fiddles, double basses, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, shakers, congas, drums, more drums, bass, keys.. it’s been a right old mission! Then I’ve spent a small lifetime editing away at home trying to get everything sounding just the way I want it… and you know what? It actually almost does! I’m starting to get very excited about this album now… it’s going to be a big step up from anything I’ve done before, so I hope you can forgive me for taking the time to get it perfect!

The money you pledged has made all of this possible! We’ve been able to record in a great studio, work with a fantastic engineer, pay the musicians, and hopefully have enough left over to print the CD’s! So thank you all so much for you’re support and patience in making this happen!

So what’s left to do? Well, I haven’t recorded any of my vocals yet, but once everything else is finished, that will be the final piece. Then we have to mix the album, get it mastered, get all the artwork done, and send it off to the printers! So, I know what you’re all wanting to know… When can you have your copy?!

So, I was hoping to get everything finished by June, but that’s not looking likely right now. I’ve got to find a new place to live, so that’s taking up a chunk of my time! (If anyone knows of a room going in Bristol from June 1st sharing with some lovely people then let me know!). So it’s looking like it will be more like July/Aug by the time the tracks get mixed and mastered, but hopefully earlier! I’m planning on doing the official release this autumn after the festival season, but don’t worry, I will be giving pre-release copies to those who’ve pledged as soon as I have them! I’m also hoping to have a few pre-release copies to sell at gigs over the summer. You can expect some Single releases with videos over the summer months also, building up to the Album Launch…

Right… back to work!! 🙂


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